Paid forum posting as a way of making money online

Do you wonder how to make money online with the help of your current knowledge and skills? Internet offers a large variety of free work from home opportunities. One of them is posting on forums for money.

Forums are capable to generate good amounts of money to their owners and the better the contents of a forum are, the higher chances of making money it has. 

Webmasters are even ready to pay the posters for quality content, this is the place where you should get more excited. Becoming a paid forum poster is not very hard. You just have to produce quality posts and replies, become the active member of Internet community and be ready to share your experience with other members. Depending on the forum owner you will be working with, you can receive $0.02-$0.25 for every post you make.

Here are some websites, which can help you start making money with paid forum posting: is an multi-niche forum community, where members receive money for creating threads and participating in various discussions. Additional way of making money with this website is referring new members (additional bonuses will be added to your account).

Apart from using this website you can look for freelance forum posting jobs on such marketplaces as,, and so on. You will see how easy making money by using forums could be, I have been using this method for both promoting my website and earning money. Please leave your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below.

How to Make Money For Free by Listening to The Music?

There days Internet websites are full of articles, which speak about the possibilities of earning money from home. I can distinguish a whole list of "classical" ways to make money on the Internet. There include earning money with paid surveys, Internet blogging, writing content for money and even getting paid to search (more info in one of my previous posts).

I am pretty sure that you have already heard about such earning opportunities, that is why I would like to dwell upon other, more creative work from home techniques.

How to make cash by rating music?

Making money with paid to listen websites is a concept, which gains more and more popularity every day. Your opinion is worth a lot of money and if you like discovering new music tracks and bands, then is a great website for you to check out.

This get paid to listen website connects music producers, new and well known bands and people, who listen to music tracks and receive rewads (including PayPal cash, which will be sent to you)for doing so. has been getting tons of new members recently and unfortunately now this "paid to listen" website only accepts members from the US (if I am not mistaken), but still it is a one of a kind opportunity for any Internet earner and a great paid opportunity.

So far this is a great opportunity to receive extra money for doing something to like on the Internet. Thanks for reading and I hope you will like to make money for listening to the music.

How to Make Money with Paid Search Engines?

Major search engines receive millions of visitors per day and ads, which are placed on search engine result pages get tons of clicks per day, which means - these sites make more cash than they spend for technical stuff.

A new idea of making extra money from home was made right after the launch of the first sponsored search engine.

Make money with paid searching at

The main point of paid to search websites is to reward their users for their daily activity. So the question is - would you like to make money for doing something you do every day, but for free? is one of the most popular get paid to search websites. Their major advantage is the custom search engine system, which allows the users to comment search results (additionally you can receive money for going this).

In order to start making money at Irazoo you will have to sign up and check out their terms of service (you have to understand how the system works and for what you can receive points).

Every bonus activity at will give you special points, these points are to be used for buying prizes and shopping in the Irazoo store (personally I've spent my points for buying an Amazon gift card, which is a cool choice, as for me). gives you money not just for rating and commenting on search results, you also get a chance of receiving instant prizes and bonuses. All in all, this paid to search website is a great possibility for all of us. Points are easy to earn, so getting free prizes has never been easier.

If you want to learn about free ways of making money, please take a look at my previous posts, in particular an article about making money with article writing.

Make money by writing reviews and articles at

Internet is a great source of knowledge and wisdom. People all over the world can share their expertise and even receive money for doing so. Making money from home by writing content (articles, reviews and how-to's) is probably the easiest way to make money for free with the help of the Internet.

How to make money by writing articles?

Squidoo is a superb tool to generate revenue with you articles. This website allows to post you content, add contextual advertising and get cash for every generated click. This revenue sharing website supports various advertising options including Google Adsense, Amazon Publisher Network and Infolinks ads.

The information gets published on so called lenses and the revenue generated by these will be paid directly to your PayPal account.

Personally I have discovered a lot of awesome lenses on Squidoo, most of them were about making money, so you can even create lenses about your success in earning money from home. Here is an interesting Squidoo lens for you to check out - ways to earn cash at home for free.

Additionally, is a high-quality blog promotion tool and system for building backlinks, so if you are a blogger looking to make some money by writing articles and even promote your website, then look no further.

Making money by writing content articles and reviews is considered to be a highly profitable way of making money for free. I do hope that Squidoo will help you start making easy money from home without any hassle and great time losses. If you are interested in additional ways of making money from home, check out my post about get paid to upload sites

Get Paid To Upload Documents - Review

Earning money online is a big science nowadays, as far as everyone wants to make more cash in the shortest periods of time and preferably by using only free ways of making money on the Internet.

Personally, I have tested dozens of free work from home opportunities and I have to confess that most of them work pretty well, but you revenue depends on many factors, the major of which are computer skills, the amount of time your are willing to spend and the work from home technique you have decided to test.

Free and easy way to make money for free

As for me, making money with paid to upload websites is one of the easiest ways of generating extra money part-time on the web. We all have a lot of files on your computers and from time to time we share these files with our friends or blog readers, so why not earn money with such websites. is a free data hosting website, which allows Internet users to make money by uploading documents to their servers. The process of making cash with paid to upload sites is very simple – after downloading your documents (files) you will get a link, where these files could be downloaded. These links could be sent to your friends or posted on various Internet websites. The more people visit your links and download the files, the more cash you will make with such free data sharing system.

Join today!

Uploading,com is the best website in this category (as for me). I have had a lot of luck with this “get paid to upload” website and now I have reached the point, when my income is fully automated. Here are some screenshots of my payments from earnings and payment proofs

All in all, is the best website for making money by uploading documents. Check out their how-to pages, where admins of this service share the best sites for promoting download links and provide some good constructive examples for improving your income with Uploading and other paid to upload and data sharing websites.

How to make money on the Internet.

I have been making good money on the Internet, now I know tons of ways to generate free cash on the Internet - the most popular of them are Internet blogging and writing content for money. Here I will be writing about exciting free ways of earning money at home.
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